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The Concubine Chapter 5

Disclaimer: I have the story and KyuMin belongs to each other
Pairing: Sungmin/Ares, Hint of Sungmin/Athens, Hint of Jaejoong/Apollo
Rating: PG-15 for this chapter
Warning: Mpreg, Boys Love / Yaoi
Chuuu~ for sungmin10verwho beta-ing my story <3

“You must keep strong, Dear. For Terrans’ revolution…”Collapse )

The Concubine Chapter 1

Disclaimer : The story belong to me and KyuMin belong to each other.
Chapter : 1 (One)
Pairing : None yet.
Genre : Drama – Fantasy
Rating : PG-15
Warning : Mpreg

In general, human now are having a light blue colors for their eyes. Man or female. Maybe, it was happen at the moment when their ancestors arriving to this planet of Methuselah, either they’re having this light blue eyes since then…Collapse )